No Common Courtesy…

Is it me or people are becoming more selfish, inconsiderate and rude?  I don’t know if I look like a complete pushover or timid because I find it increasingly difficult to go to a public space without getting in some sort of conflict with someone. My last encounter was at the Bronx Zoo – this woman pushed her stroller on my daughter’s leg then claimed she didn’t see her. I almost had her neck but I said my piece and she halfheartedly apologized. Today, it was at Costco – wanted to get to an area that a woman was blocking with her cart. Did the right thing and asked politely to get in the space – the woman moved barely enough for me to squeeze in – no big deal I managed. To give myself a little more room I innocently pushed her cart 4 inches away and upon seeing this, the woman flipped out. Seriously? She claimed she didn’t hear when I asked for an excuse; then realizing she was full of it, she said I moved too fast before she can act… So which is it – you didn’t hear or I was too fast for you?  Well, not being one to hold my tongue, I let her have it – even told her her red painted on eye brows were impeding her vision to see clearly. Yes, I went there…. Really, no common courtesy anymore?

Back to School Supplies

Completed the purchase of my daughter’s back-to-school supplies today. For grade 1, the supply list is long and specific from the brand of pencils to the type of  marker tips.  After an hour or two searching for the specific items,  I learned a few things: 1) don’t wait until last minute to purchase school supplies and 2) the price for specific school items are relatively expensive.  I am grateful that I can afford to purchase my daughter’s supplies but it made me think of all the other parents who cannot.  So with that thought, I decided to purchase extra school supplies to send to my daughter’s school.  Regardless of a child’s race and socioeconomic background, he or she deserves a fair chance.  Helping a little goes a long way.

Why Make Marijuana Legal…

We’ve had success in 13 states that recognize the right for same sex couples to get married.  There is still a long road ahead to get all states to issue marriage licenses but it’s a step in the right direction.  Today, Attorney General Eric Holder decided against suiing Colorado and Washington for adopting laws permitting the use of recreational marijuana in adults.  I think that all states should adopt this law which will severely impact prison overpopulation caused by the incarceration of people whose only offence is a little bit of “pot” possession.  The U.S. is on a positve trend – do you think all states should legalize recreational marijuana use in adults?

Natural Bug Repellent

My daughter wanted to know where poops (farts) come from. Thank goodness I still remember a few things from biology class so I tried my best to explain. Feeling proud that I was able to answer her question somewhat intelligently, my 6 year turned to me and said, “Mom stinky poops are the best because they keep the bugs away.” Say what? “Yes, she said, “Because bugs don’t like to smell stinky poops.” So there you have it folks, the “natural bug repellent”. Topic for another discussion – do bugs have noses?  🙂

Understanding the war in Syria

Until now, I understand very little about the war in Syria.   Given that the world now awaits the U.S. response on the evidence of chemical weapons used in the killing of civilians, I thought it was time to get informed.  I’ve attached two links at the bottom of my post if you’re like me and want to understand the “true” nature of the war.  Both sides are pointing fingers at each other for the use of chemical weapons.  The truth is, innocent civilians are being massacred daily by the opposition and government fighters forcing Syrians to flee displacing them from their families while creating an abysmal refugee crisis.  These men, women and children suffer from unbearable physical and mental anguish.  The Syrian war is a disaster with no clear resolution.  The rebel fighters now include Jihadist; Russia and China promise of arming al-Assad fighters with advanced weaponry in response to our move – what position should the U.S. take or is it too late to take any action at all?

Mommy in me…

Retail therapy works for me on many levels so on my way home from work yesterday I stopped by H&M.  After a few minutes of perusing the racks aimlessly, the lyrics blaring from the speakers caught my attention.  The “live” DJ was spinning “My Neck, My Back (Lick It) by KHAI.  I figured the song will end soon and no one will notice, WRONG!  The DJ spun the song again!  I looked around the store and they were tons of little kids with their parents or guardians – maybe mostly tourist who maybe don’t understand a word of English; nonetheless, the mom in me kicked into high gear.  I marched (fast walked) right over to the man “dancing” behind the counter and asked him boldly of his DJ’s song choice.  He hurriedly radioed the DJ and had the song changed in a hot minute.  I left the store empty handed but my thoughts – nevermind. WTF though, was I wrong to ask for a song change?

Singers or Performers?

I understand that the times have changed – shifted maybe, but do we really live in such a dumb day and age where sex appeal trumps talent?  I just don’t get why most female artists regardless of age (Madonna, JLo, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Miley, etc.) flash their privates to entertain and sell records… Seriously, are the consumer really blinded by crotch or media?  Not to be biased, one of my biggest pet peeves are men who wear “sagging” pants – disgusting!