Bill Clinton: GOP ‘begging for America to fail’ over Obamacare

Former President Bill Clinton on Sunday accused Capitol HillRepublicans of “begging for America to fail” over their repeated attempts to defund or delay President Obama’s health care law.


But Clinton added he’s confident the Affordable Health Care is here to stay, saying he can’t envision a scenario in which it would fail.

“I’ve never seen a time — can you remember a time in your lifetime when a major political party was just sitting around, begging for America to fail?” Clinton said onABC’s “This Week.” “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’ll be shocked if it fails.”

National polls repeatedly have shown that most Americans oppose “Obamacare.” But Clinton, who failed to secure congressional approval in the early 1990s for his own health care overhaul, said he is optimistic the public eventually will warm up to the president’s reforms.

“I just think that when all these dire predictions don’t come out, if they don’t — I believe that pretty soon, within the next several years, this’ll be like Medicare and Medicaid,” he said. “And it’ll be a normal part of our life. And people will be glad it’s there.”

Clinton also defended Obama and Senate Democrats for refusing to bargain with Republican over raising the federal government’s debt limit, saying “there’s nothing to negotiate.”

The federal government is expected to hit its self-imposed borrowing limit of $16.7 trillion on Oct. 17, and House Republican leaders want any increase in the debt ceiling to be offset with spending cuts elsewhere. Failure to raise the ceiling would force the nation to default on its financial obligations, which experts say could trigger a global recession, or worse.

House GOP leaders also have suggested they’ll demand a delay or defunding of Obamacare, as well as a host of other GOP priorities, as a condition for passing legislation to raise the debt ceiling.

But Clinton said that since Republicans voted to spend money, they have an obligation to ensure the government pays its debts.

“If I were the president, I wouldn’t negotiate over these draconian cuts” proposed by Republicans, he said.

“This is the House Republicans and the Tea Party people saying, ‘We don’t want to negotiate with the Democrats. We want to dictate over the Senate, over the House Democrats, over the speaker of the House of our own party and over the president. We insist on dictating the course of the country.'”

Washington Examiner

It’s one thing to dislike the current president, but wanting to punish innocent Americans because of a biased agenda is unacceptable.   Is this really about Obamacare or just something else masking as such?  What’s wrong with asking everyone to pay for their own insurance?  There are many people with sick family members who were unable to get medical insurance before because of pre-existing conditions are ecstatic now that they can get coverage.  Do you think Obamacare is bad and why?

Wife Comes Out As Lesbian To Husband Who In Turn Comes Out As Transgender

The Kaufmans came out of the closet together. Although the revelations ended their marriage, they remain best friends

When a California woman nervously confessed to her husband of 20-odd years that she was a lesbian, he surprised her in turn — telling her he was not a gay man but actually a straight woman.


Cathy and Danielle — formerly David — Kaufman came out of the closet together and though the revelations ended their marriage, they are still best friends.

“Inside she’s the same person that I married, and just the outside has changed,” Cathy Kaufman said of her former husband.

Since childhood, David Kaufman secretly knew he wanted to be a woman and would even cross-dress with his mother’s clothes.  Starting at 13, he periodically attempted suicide. But he kept fighting his nagging feelings and got married.

The couple moved from Michigan to California, lived together happily and raised children. “It never occurred to me that it would be anything but forever,” Cathy Kaufman told the station.

Four years ago, while still a man, the former David Kaufman realized he was truly attracted to men and struggled with admitting his true orientation to his wife. But Cathy Kaufman spoke up first.

“I just said, ‘You know, I need to tell you something,” Cathy Kaufman said. “I need to tell you that I’ve been thinking that I would like to date women.”

“And I remember saying, “Oh my god, get out of town! I just figured out I’m gay!” Danielle Kaufman recalled.

But last year, David Kaufman says he realized he is not actually gay — he is truly a woman.kaufman30n-4-web

“I’m really a woman. I am not a gay man. I’m a straight woman.” Danielle Kaufman told Inside Edition. She started transitioning shortly afterward and says she stopped pretending to be someone she was not, as she had for more than 50 years.

“It felt so good to be me,” she said. “It felt so good to be a woman, to be Danielle. This is incredibly cool.”

The Kaufmans are still legally married but live in separate houses.

Danielle Kaufman wrote a book about their marriage’s unconventional end called “Untying the Knot.”

NY Daily News

Woman Took Child To Meet Father’s Hitman

A Texas woman was busted plotting to kill the father of her 7-year-old son after she brought the child to meet an undercover cop posing as a hitman and put a down payment on the hit.

Nicolette Beard, 33, was cuffed after she met the undercover officer in a College Station parking lot on Wednesday and gave him $800 of the $4,000 she promised to pay to have her child’s father, Anthony Drymalla, 30, killed, police told the Houston Chronicle.


Beard brought her son to the meet up, but let a friend bring the boy into a store as she discussed the murder-for-hire plot with the supposed contract killer.

She told the officer that she wanted it to look like an accident and preferred if Drymalla’s wife were injured or killed in the rubout. But she needed him dead within a couple of days, police said.

“They’re in an ongoing custody battle,” College Station Assistant Chief Brandy Norris told WTLV-TV. “And, according to the person who reported it to us, she wanted something done before they went to court (on Friday).”

As a precaution, police put Drymalla under surveillance until after Beard was collared.  Beard was placed in jail, but no bond was immediately set.

NY Daily News

Such a poor excuse of a mother.  This is a blessing for the child because if the mother is capable of committing such a horrific act, she clearly isn’t fit to be a parent.  Unfortunately, it’s always the children who suffers for their parents mistakes.  I hope the child grows up in a loving and caring home.

Is Kanye West The New Britney Spears?

Is Kanye West suffering from Dunning–Kruger syndrome?

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average.


Kanye thinks he is God and is the #1 rock star on the planet (his planet of course).   Kanye’s nervous breakdown is being played out for the world’s viewing pleasure (another Britney Spears).  The fact that he thinks Kim Kardashian is a great score and as he tweeted to Jimmy Kimmel “good p***y,” it’s fair to assume he is living on another planet and is completely disillusional.

This could be a cry for help or a great publicity stunt. As they say in show business, no publicity is bad publicity.

Do you think Kanye is unfolding slowly?

Woman Took Wrong Turn And Won Race

Half-marathoner Meredith Fitzmaurice could well be dubbed the Canadian  Forrest Gump after she took a wrong turn and ended up winning the whole  race.

The 34-year-old was only supposed to complete 13.1 miles in Sunday’s “Run  for Heroes” in Ontario in preparation for the longer race in Detroit next  month.

But a moment of madness saw her mistakenly running the wrong way and onto  the course for the full 26.2 miles.


Fitzmaurice, who was “in the zone,” said she realized something was wrong  only when — after one hour and 28 minutes — she couldn’t see the finish  line.

A race director riding alongside her on a bike informed her she was in fact  on track to finish the entire race.

“The guy was awesome,” she told the Windsor Star. “And once he said I was  good to go, my adrenaline just kicked in.”

Incredibly, Fitzmaurice was the first woman — and tenth person overall — to  complete the run, and she did it in a fast time of 3:11:48.

“I didn’t even realize I was the first female until people started yelling  at me and high-fiving me,” she said.

“Once I crossed the finish line and realized the magnitude of what I had  done, I started crying,” she added.

Fitzmaurice, who had never run more than 20 miles in one go before, said she  now plans to run the Boston Marathon next year.

NY Daily News

Usually a mistake cost you, but not in Meredith’s case.  Though she took a wrong turn, you needed stamina, strength and tenacity to get the job done, and she did it.  Congratulations!

Bet You Didn’t Know…

  • Most Japanese schools don’t have janitors.  Instead, the children do the cleaning themselves.  (We need this in our schools.  Kids will be less inclined to be messy…)
  • A sapiosexual is a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others.
  • 90% of relationships don’t work out if the girl is taller than the guy.
  • Cracking your knuckles does not hurt your bones or cause arthritis.  The sound you hear is air bubbles bursting.
  • Some people have a “natural” alarm clock allowing them to wake up when they want. (True, I am one of those people.)
  • Volkswagen owns Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati and Porsche.
  • It is illegal to be overweight in Japan but there is no punishment or penalty for individuals.  There is also a law requiring some Japanese citizens to be measured every year with steps mandated for those that exceed the recommended waist size.
  • On Average, people who complain live longer.  Releasing tension increases immunity and boosts health.  As the saying goes, better out than in…


Smile and be happy!

Frankensteinian Plant Grows Both Tomatoes And Potatoes

Britons are booking orders for a double-crop wonderplant called the TomTato, that puts out cherry tomatoes on the vine, while growing whole white potatoes underground.

“It’s the perfect marriage,” Michael Perry, new product manager at Thompson-Morgan, who is taking TomTato orders for next April, told NBC News. “Why wouldn’t someone want to buy one?”

Tomato lovers can chop up the fruit for a season’s worth of salads, and then harvest the potatoes at the end of the year, Perry promised.


It sounds crazy, but the science is legit. Tomato and potatoes are members of the same plant family, which makes them ideal candidates for being grafted together. That’s how the company creates their new line, and a technique fruit growers and horticulturists have been using for centuries — just not in this exact combination.

The tomato and potato from the TomTato plant won’t taste any different, Kenneth Mudge, associate professor at Cornell’s Department University of Agriculture, told NBC News, but the yield might be lower than individual tomato or potato plants. That’s because “the potato is putting all of its energy into making tubers and a tomato is putting all its energy into making fruit,” he said.

Mudge said he wouldn’t buy one, no, but … “I’ll make one!”

Thompson-Morgan — the firm that’s claiming this is the “first time that plants have been successfully produced commercially” — grows their tomato and potato plants separately. When they’re just a few weeks old, the tomato plants are cut at the stem and placed at a cut-location on the stem of the potato plant.

Over the next few weeks, channels between the potato and tomato stems fuse together. The plumbing connects, delivering nutrition down from the leaves, and water up from the roots, but the plants themselves retain genetic identities.

This technique wouldn’t be limited to TomTatoes. Bell peppers and eggplant — family members of solonacea just like tomatoes — could be alternative partners for the potato, Thompson-Morgan’s Perry acknowledged, but wouldn’t say which pairs are up next.

“The possibilities are there and we’ll be looking into more as soon as we can,” he said. “The world is our oyster.” EggplanTato, anyone?

NBC News

GMO?  I am not in support of GMO because we don’t know the long term medical side effects this have on human’s health.  I understand the economics of supply and demand, but genetically modified foods to meet demand cannot be good for anyone’s health.   However, this doesn’t sound like it’s artificially engineered in a lab so, maybe it’s a legitimate agricultural genius.