Parents Should Be Their Children’s Most Important Role Models

I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again – parents should be their children’s role models.  Yes, there are exceptions like Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, Jr. Hellen, Keller, etc. but iconic figures as such are rare and though it’s wonderful to use their legacies as benchmarks, parents are their children’s first role models and the ones that make a permanent impact.  This is not a job that should be left to athletes or entertainers.

Education quoteLiving in a world where sex is a glorified way to riches, it’s more important now than ever to instill in our children that dignity, education, respect and self-esteem trump everything else.  I hope Michelle Obama pick her daughters’ role models more carefully because given Beyoncé’s scandalous performance at the Grammy, I am certain if she could, she would take back her words.  No celebrity or entertainer including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian or the likes that glorify sex to make their living should be role models to any child.  What’s more disgusting is that these figures are mothers and if they can’t be role models to their daughters, they certainly can’t be role models to yours.  No one that wears saggy pants should be role models to your sons, period.  Anyone that disrespects women and refer to them as bitches or hos; anyone who glorifies material things, guns and drugs… you can fill in the names.

So to all the parents, it’s your duty and responsibility to set the best example for your children.  To instill in them the core values to succeed in life despite what the media bombard us with on a daily basis.  Giving a child a solid core is the best gift you can give your child.  Too many children want to be athletes, models, entertainers, etc. because that’s what the media glorifies.  It’s time to let our children know that fulfilling careers exist in being doctors, researchers, teachers, etc.

Minimum Wage Increase

President Obama will announce the increase of federal minimum wage during his State of the Union address tonight.  This is great news – everyone deserves a little more in their pockets.  However, this does not mean that every person in the United States that makes less than $10.10 (the new federal minimum) will get an increase.  The new policy only applies to federal employees or those that work on contracts supported by federal funds.  Minimum wage employees of private companies and corporations will not benefit from the increase.  Each state set its own minimum wage limit and with the new federal standard, most states will more likely adopt an increase to meet the federal rate. Effective January 1, 2014 New York new minimum wage is $8 per hour increased from $7.25 per hour.

Minimum wage

Critics will argue that higher wages means less profit. Or higher wages will cause employers to lay off employees or it will send jobs overseas where labor is cheaper. Yes, those are genuine arguments; however, everyone deserves to feed their families and have a livable wage.  There are and will always be two sides to an argument but one must understand that every employee is entitle to a livable wage.

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