Guyana – Post Election


As we open the daily newspapers, we are daunted with the numerous murders, robberies and other depressing stories reminding us of the wretched state of affairs in Guyana.  Seem like progress has taken a few steps back…  What I found even more appalling is with all the executions, the president has yet to make any announcement or speech decrying these actions… I thought for a second he was back in Brooklyn hiding but published a story about his visit yesterday to ExxonMobile rig giving them assurance of their investment – reminding them that they have NOTHING to fear about the impending Venezuela conflict.  What about the gun violence victims of Guyana – don’t their families or the little boy nursing gunshot wounds at the GPHC deserve a visit too?  In just a few short weeks, the situation under this leadership has taken many steps backwards…  Many promises are broken including house lot allocations, drainage problems, Chinese investors, etc.  The APNU/AFC sole purpose was to secure oil for the U.S.A. and to give them access to Venezuela’s borders.  Not for the betterment of Guyana’s citizens.

Venezuela Impending Conflict:

We have a new government with a QUESTIONALBE election process.  Not more than a month after the APNU/AFC took office, oil discovery was announced…  The ABC (America, Britain & Canada) countries were heavily involved in the recent election process more so than the previous ones and were NON-EXISTANT prior to 1985.  The U.S. has a long rival with Venezuela and always wanted access to Guyana’s borders, but was refused by the previous administration.  One of the positives of the PPP was that they were not “in bed” with the American government like the current administration.  From the onset of Guyana’s independence, the ABC countries backed the PNC regime because they can manipulation its government.  Again, here they are and this time Guyana is at risk of an impending conflict with Venezuela.  With the discovery of oil, many suitors have lined up with the U.S. first in line…  The U.S. goes after countries where there is oil or other benefits.  Why is ABC in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Congo, etc.?  Because there are no benefits…  Guyana does not have the means/fire power/intelligence necessary to defend its land against Venezuela, but will no doubt get support from the ABC countries.  The big question is, at what price to our land and our people?  Look at Syria and Iraq – are those countries/citizens better off because of the invasion?  NO!   The chaos, suffering and turmoil that were left behind after American/Europe invasion are irreparable.  The Bush administration sold out America for financial gain to benefit Halliburton and others – one can only cringe at the thought of what they will do to Guyana where there is no personal vested interest…

Social Responsibility:

This isn’t a bias blog – understand that I believe Guyana needed a change from the PPP administration but NOT by the APNU/APC.  I do NOT trust an old army brigadier who happily served under a repressive regime to bring about change.  Time will tell and I am willing to eat crow if I’m wrong.  To those that are celebrating because one of “your” kind was elected, keep in mind that Granger wouldn’t have been elected because of “your” votes only… After all, “your” kind makes up less than 40% of Guyana’s population and APNU/AFC allegedly secured 51%… This isn’t “your” time and it’s not a free ticket become villains or victimize other races.  When in another country, we identify ourselves as Guyanese regardless of race, color and religion and the same mentality should be applied at home.  Brotherly love – One Love!

We need young progressive minds/mentalities to lead Guyana out of the dark, repressive and racist past.  No Granger, Nagamootoo, Bharat, Ramotar, Khan, etc.  Hopefully, in the next election, the new faces of Guyana will be given a chance.  Until then, I will be watching and commenting – got to love free speech.