2017 – New Year, New Attitude

It’s 2017, a new year to reflect and refocus.  As I grow older and wiser, I’ve become patient and impatient to BS.  I’m more aware but there’s a caveat with awareness as it brings wisdom along with sadness and pain.  Being aware, one sees things the regular minds don’t see – it’s a blessing and a curse.

January is one of my most dreadful months and this one has not disappoint thus far. I’m already off to a fast start defending myself against an egotistical manipulator and his minion, mourning with my very dear friend the loss of her father (sadly, January is also the month I lost my dear father 32 years ago) and dealing with another dear friend moving away starting a new chapter in her journey.  All things to make one want to ball up and retreat. But what don’t kill you only makes you stronger.  Not being one to retreat, I faced my adversities with courage, strength and steadfastness.  Change is our only constant, and for me to move forward and progress, I must be able to adapt to changes.  I have to dig deep and find the strength that has gotten me through the toughest of times and grab hold of it until I can stand tall again.  However, we must not allow ourselves to become victims of the same situation twice; we must use our lessons as teachers to move forward.  Use the disappointments as lessons to become wiser and stronger.  These tests were put there to strengthen me for the year ahead and I will use them to do just that.  2017, here I come – I am fearless, strong and ready.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and progressive 2017.  Find your inner strength to move yourself forward when faced with adversities.  Blessings!

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