7 Things You Should Never Say To Someone

7 Things you should never say to someone and their perceived meanings:

1)      I don’t care

–        you don’t care about the person or his or her feelings and views.

2)      You’re wrong

–        you’re calling the person stupid or they don’t know anything

3)      You can’t do it

–        setting the person up for failure

4)      This should be easy

–       everyone’s’ level of difficulty is different; what may be easy for you may not easy for someone else.

5)      I told you so

–        the person doesn’t listen.

6)      As I said before

–        you’re dumb, don’t listen or you don’t get it

7)      Good luck

–        it’s bad luck to wish someone good luck


Hmmm, who knew!  I am guilty of saying a few of those things.  It’s definitely something to keep in mind.  Do you agree?

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