Are you a Father or a Dad?

Fathers run away, Dad stays.  Fathers are sperm donors while Dads are emotionally, physically and financially invested in the development and growth of the child.

But why?

It becomes easy for men who themselves came from broken, loveless homes to perpetuate the cycle of broken homes.  Some of these men don’t know or have never met their biological fathers.   These men see it fit to abandon their responsibilities as dads because they don’t know what it is to be loved by one.  They saw their mothers struggling to make ends meet as children growing up, yet have no problem leaving their wives or baby mamas to do just the same – a sick cycle of abandonment and neglect.  These fathers want to be “friends” with their children but not dads – friends are fun with no responsibilities then the children return home to the caregiver, breadwinner, nurturer, educators and discipliners who are the mothers.  Mothers become the “not-fun” parent despite being the sole source of the child’s upbringing.  These fathers want the accolades of being a parent without being a “parent.”  Why do fathers leave?  While there are valid reasons for some, most leave because they don’t want to settle thinking the grass is greener on the other side.  They leave because of family encouragement often times from their mothers who herself suffered the same faith.  They leave because the wives/baby mamas have expectations of what a dad’s role should be and the responsibilities a dad should have.  Men lacking the mindset to deal with a dad/parent mentality view this as being bossed or disrespected and leave the family unit.  Father run because of their selfish needs and lack of empathy for anyone but themselves.

For women left to raise the fruits of their wombs alone, know that it’s easier to raise confident children than to fix selfish, broken, incompetent men.

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