Back to School Supplies

Completed the purchase of my daughter’s back-to-school supplies today. For grade 1, the supply list is long and specific from the brand of pencils to the type of  marker tips.  After an hour or two searching for the specific items,  I learned a few things: 1) don’t wait until last minute to purchase school supplies and 2) the price for specific school items are relatively expensive.  I am grateful that I can afford to purchase my daughter’s supplies but it made me think of all the other parents who cannot.  So with that thought, I decided to purchase extra school supplies to send to my daughter’s school.  Regardless of a child’s race and socioeconomic background, he or she deserves a fair chance.  Helping a little goes a long way.

One thought on “Back to School Supplies

  1. A group of parents in the state of Florida filed a case against the education department about issuing such list. The parents argument was the school law states that they are entitled to a free public school education. Moving forward, the school addresses the list as suggested. I think your county has a lot of nerve being specific with their list. I can understand certain features but brand…smh. Good move with buying extra for the needy and unprepared.

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