Boulder Gave Its Residents Pot To Cope With Floods

Per article published in the Huffington Post:

Boulder Flood - Copy

After devastating floods shut down the state and claimed the lives of ten people, residents in this college mountain town are trying to get back to business as usual, which includes smoking some ganja.

Organizers are set to hand out free joints today on Boulder’s bustling Pearl Street Mall, the Daily Camera reported.  While much of the city is focused on rebuilding, the giveaway is an effort to help “stressed out recreational users” who may have lost their stashes to flooding. It’s also supposed to serve as a protest a marijuana sales tax ballot that will ask voters in November to approve a 15-percent excise tax.

 “Boulder has been victimized by floods,” said Rob Corry, who helped organize the event and hopes to defeat the tax ballot. “We want to bring some flood relief to folks.”

The idea first started two weeks ago, when Corry and other organizers against the ballot handed out free joints in Denver. Despite long lines and a police presence, there were no arrests, The Denver Post reported.

 “I wish I could have gotten a bigger one because there were blunts in there,” said recreational user Janet Osborn, 27, at the Denver event. “I got probably the smallest one. But it’s OK. It’s free.”

Monday’s event is expected to see smaller numbers than the Denver event saw, where more than 600 joints were passed out.

“I’m sure there won’t be too much public consumption [at the Boulder event],” Corry said.

Flood relief donations also will be accepted at the event.

Colorado has legalized the use of recreational marijuana.  Though marijuana use isn’t for everyone, many people rely on if for stress relief, medical treatment and theraply.  Do you agree with the free distribution?

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  1. I agree. Not everyone drinks and not everyone smokes so Boulder has its residents covered. I don’t see any harm in the distribution. I really do believe alcohol is more destructive than pot.

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