Are you a Father or a Dad?

Fathers run away, Dad stays.  Fathers are sperm donors while Dads are emotionally, physically and financially invested in the development and growth of the child.

But why?

It becomes easy for men who themselves came from broken, loveless homes to perpetuate the cycle of broken homes.  Some of these men don’t know or have never met their biological fathers.   These men see it fit to abandon their responsibilities as dads because they don’t know what it is to be loved by one.  They saw their mothers struggling to make ends meet as children growing up, yet have no problem leaving their wives or baby mamas to do just the same – a sick cycle of abandonment and neglect.  These fathers want to be “friends” with their children but not dads – friends are fun with no responsibilities then the children return home to the caregiver, breadwinner, nurturer, educators and discipliners who are the mothers.  Mothers become the “not-fun” parent despite being the sole source of the child’s upbringing.  These fathers want the accolades of being a parent without being a “parent.”  Why do fathers leave?  While there are valid reasons for some, most leave because they don’t want to settle thinking the grass is greener on the other side.  They leave because of family encouragement often times from their mothers who herself suffered the same faith.  They leave because the wives/baby mamas have expectations of what a dad’s role should be and the responsibilities a dad should have.  Men lacking the mindset to deal with a dad/parent mentality view this as being bossed or disrespected and leave the family unit.  Father run because of their selfish needs and lack of empathy for anyone but themselves.

For women left to raise the fruits of their wombs alone, know that it’s easier to raise confident children than to fix selfish, broken, incompetent men.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a disease that can be cured but have the tightest grip on its victims.  Because drug addiction changes the chemical balance of the brain, quitting is extremely difficult.  Regardless of risks, the intense impulse for the next high blurs rational thinking.  Many will subject themselves to the worst possible conditions and actions just to feed the addiction.  This type of behavior destroys not only the person, but those around them and society.  In today’s media, we learned that Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is on life support.  We know that both her parents suffered with substance abuse.  Bobbi’s exposure to such environment/upbringing put her at a disadvantage of becoming an abuser herself.  Bobbi’s circumstance highlighted the stories of many that we don’t hear about.  So the question is, should children be removed from the care of their substance abuse parents?

Click here to learn more about the impact and truth about drugs.


Parents Should Be Their Children’s Most Important Role Models

I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again – parents should be their children’s role models.  Yes, there are exceptions like Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, Jr. Hellen, Keller, etc. but iconic figures as such are rare and though it’s wonderful to use their legacies as benchmarks, parents are their children’s first role models and the ones that make a permanent impact.  This is not a job that should be left to athletes or entertainers.

Education quoteLiving in a world where sex is a glorified way to riches, it’s more important now than ever to instill in our children that dignity, education, respect and self-esteem trump everything else.  I hope Michelle Obama pick her daughters’ role models more carefully because given Beyoncé’s scandalous performance at the Grammy, I am certain if she could, she would take back her words.  No celebrity or entertainer including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian or the likes that glorify sex to make their living should be role models to any child.  What’s more disgusting is that these figures are mothers and if they can’t be role models to their daughters, they certainly can’t be role models to yours.  No one that wears saggy pants should be role models to your sons, period.  Anyone that disrespects women and refer to them as bitches or hos; anyone who glorifies material things, guns and drugs… you can fill in the names.

So to all the parents, it’s your duty and responsibility to set the best example for your children.  To instill in them the core values to succeed in life despite what the media bombard us with on a daily basis.  Giving a child a solid core is the best gift you can give your child.  Too many children want to be athletes, models, entertainers, etc. because that’s what the media glorifies.  It’s time to let our children know that fulfilling careers exist in being doctors, researchers, teachers, etc.

HPV Vaccine Caused Premature Menopause in Young Women

We live in a country with millions of people and the vaccine is only helpful in preventing 18,000 cancer cases in women?  Something for all parents to consider.  This vaccine is controversial and high risk from the inception.  Big pharma at its best – there are no money to be made in cures only treatments…


cancer-vaccine-claimMADISON, Wis. — Two Wisconsin sisters have filed a federal claim, saying they believe a cervical cancer vaccine caused their ovaries to stop producing eggs.

Madelyne Meylor, 20, and Olivia Meylor, 19, both of Mount Horeb, claim their condition came from the Gardasil vaccine for the human papillomavirus, or HPV, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Their attorney, Mark Krueger, told the newspaper it is the first allegation of its kind to reach a hearing through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a special court established to evaluate claims of harm from vaccines.

In a statement, the vaccine’s maker, Merck and Co., says evidence doesn’t support a relationship between the condition and vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration say the vaccine is safe and can help prevent many of the 18,000 cancers in women and 8,000 cancers in men caused by HPV each year.

Health officials recommend three doses of the vaccine against HPV, a sexually transmitted virus, for girls and boys ages 11 and 12 to protect against cervical cancer, throat cancer, genital warts and other conditions. Two brands are available: Gardasil, approved in 2006, and Cervarix, approved in 2009.

The vaccine injury program has awarded payments for HPV vaccine injuries in 68 cases for a total of at least $5.9 million, according to the federal government and Judicial Watch, a nonpartisan foundation. The program has dismissed 63 claims, and 81 are pending.

The Meylors told the newspaper that they believe Gardasil shots caused their ovaries to stop producing eggs. They also have premature menopause, marked by insomnia, night sweats and headaches, and almost certainly won’t be able to get pregnant, they said.

“I’ve always wanted a huge family, but I don’t know if that will be possible,” Madelyne Meylor said.

Tests for three possible genetic causes of the condition were negative for both women, the newspaper reported. They are taking birth control pills or using patches as hormone replacement therapy.

The case is scheduled for a hearing Thursday and Friday in Washington, D.C.

Via NY Daily News


Disney Princess Walkie Talkie

It’s the season to shop for the latest and hottest toys for our little ones but not all toys are innocent as intended.  Take for example this Disney Princess walkie talkie, though covered in a pink princess cover, it’s still an ordinary walkie talkie device that can pick up other frequencies…  Not all toys are safe.



A young girl was subjected to filthy language and racial slurs — because her Disney princess walkie-talkie is stuck on a truckers’ frequency.

The 9-year-old, from Kent in Washington, was shocked to hear trash talk and racial slurs coming from her bright pink toy immediately after switching it on.

The candy-colored kid’s communication device uses a frequency of 27.145 megahertz.  Along with being used by remote controlled toy cars and wireless computer keyboards and mice, it’s also used by CB radios usually in the hands of long-distance truck drivers.


Chemical Found in Canned Foods And Plastic Bottles Tied to Miscarriage

BPA was recently removed from baby bottles but still remain in many packaging materials.  Interestingly, it wasn’t the FDA that forced companies to remove BPA from baby bottles, the manufacturers took it upon themselves to do this.  Does the FDA have the consumers best interest at heart or it is governed by big corporations?

High levels of a widespread chemical found in plastic water bottles and canned food linings may raise the risk of miscarriage for women prone to that problem, researchers said Monday.


More work on BPA, short for bisphenol-A, must be completed before the researchers can be sure about the link, they cautioned.

But their findings are “far from reassuring,” researcher Dr. Ruth Lathi of Stanford University said.

Lathi and other researchers used a federal grant to study 115 pregnant women with histories of infertility or miscarriage.

They analyzed blood samples and divided the women into four groups based on their BPA levels.

Women with the highest BPA levels had an 80% greater risk of miscarriage than women with the lowest levels despite being similar in age and other factors.

Because the study was small, the real risk percentage could be much lower or even higher.

BPA is so widespread it shows up in urine tests for almost everyone. But the chemical has already been removed from baby bottles and many reusable drink containers due to health concerns.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration insists BPA is safe as the chemial is now used in water bottles and other food containers.

But Lathi, the Stanford researcher, suggested women with pregnancy problems may want to minimize their BPA exposure.

Heat helps BPA leak out, so women can avoid warming food in plastic and leaving water bottles out in the sun, Lathi said.

They can also avoid canned food and handling cash register receipts, many of which are coated with resins that contain BPA.

But Lathi added, “It’s impossible to avoid it completely.”

NY Daily News