Chemical Found in Canned Foods And Plastic Bottles Tied to Miscarriage

BPA was recently removed from baby bottles but still remain in many packaging materials.  Interestingly, it wasn’t the FDA that forced companies to remove BPA from baby bottles, the manufacturers took it upon themselves to do this.  Does the FDA have the consumers best interest at heart or it is governed by big corporations?

High levels of a widespread chemical found in plastic water bottles and canned food linings may raise the risk of miscarriage for women prone to that problem, researchers said Monday.


More work on BPA, short for bisphenol-A, must be completed before the researchers can be sure about the link, they cautioned.

But their findings are “far from reassuring,” researcher Dr. Ruth Lathi of Stanford University said.

Lathi and other researchers used a federal grant to study 115 pregnant women with histories of infertility or miscarriage.

They analyzed blood samples and divided the women into four groups based on their BPA levels.

Women with the highest BPA levels had an 80% greater risk of miscarriage than women with the lowest levels despite being similar in age and other factors.

Because the study was small, the real risk percentage could be much lower or even higher.

BPA is so widespread it shows up in urine tests for almost everyone. But the chemical has already been removed from baby bottles and many reusable drink containers due to health concerns.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration insists BPA is safe as the chemial is now used in water bottles and other food containers.

But Lathi, the Stanford researcher, suggested women with pregnancy problems may want to minimize their BPA exposure.

Heat helps BPA leak out, so women can avoid warming food in plastic and leaving water bottles out in the sun, Lathi said.

They can also avoid canned food and handling cash register receipts, many of which are coated with resins that contain BPA.

But Lathi added, “It’s impossible to avoid it completely.”

NY Daily News


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