Child Bride

As a mother of a 6 year old daughter, I am an activist for admonishing any laws be it religious, spiritual, tribal, tradition, norm, etc. that permits or approve of the marriage of a child to an adult.  On what planet is it legally acceptable to marry an innocent prepubescent girl to an adult male?  Approved marriages between children to adults are unacceptable and anyone who thinks otherwise citing religion or belief as an excuse is a pedophile.  How can anyone follow or believe in a religion that permits the rape of a child?  Which good and almighty God says it’s okay to molest and abuse innocent children?  Maybe these so called religious books were written in a day and age when ignorance and backwardness was the way of life, but we live in a civilized society and even the most underdeveloped countries have progressed.  Regardless, one shouldn’t need a religious book, religious verbiage or belief to tell you what is right and what is wrong – common sense should be the rule of thumb.  If anyone thinks it’s okay to marry a child because some stupid religion, norm or tradition states that it’s okay to do so, he or she needs to be removed from his planet.  Animals treat and care for young better than some humans.  RIP Rawan – my heart bleeds for you.

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