Disney Princess Walkie Talkie

It’s the season to shop for the latest and hottest toys for our little ones but not all toys are innocent as intended.  Take for example this Disney Princess walkie talkie, though covered in a pink princess cover, it’s still an ordinary walkie talkie device that can pick up other frequencies…  Not all toys are safe.



A young girl was subjected to filthy language and racial slurs — because her Disney princess walkie-talkie is stuck on a truckers’ frequency.

The 9-year-old, from Kent in Washington, was shocked to hear trash talk and racial slurs coming from her bright pink toy immediately after switching it on.

The candy-colored kid’s communication device uses a frequency of 27.145 megahertz.  Along with being used by remote controlled toy cars and wireless computer keyboards and mice, it’s also used by CB radios usually in the hands of long-distance truck drivers.


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