Gun Control

We are subjected to yet another case of mass killing.  How many more lives must be sacrificed on the alter of the NRA before there are more stringent gun control laws?  It didn’t take Columbine, Newtown, Aurora and now the Washington Navy Yard shootings, to name a few, to realize that something must be done about allowing guns in the hands of the wrong people.  I respect the Second Amendment; however, subjecting someone to a detailed background check before putting a deadly weapon in their hands is a fair and logical request.  If someone wants to own a firearm, that’s his or her right and is entitled to do so; however, he or she must be subjected to a detailed background check, meet and pass all requirements including mental state and history. This isn’t about taking away one’s freedom; it’s about protecting everyone’s freedom.

I also believe that high powered guns have no place in the hands of ordinary civilians.  True hunters don’t hunt with AK-47s.  Gun control reform is long overdue and all politics and hate should be removed from this debate.

There are many that will disagree with me but unless you’ve lost someone to a gun crime that could have been prevented, you will never understand or relate.

Interesting article published in the New York Times – click here to read more…

Do you agree that gun control reform is necessary?

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