Human Chimeras

Japanese scientists are expected to be granted approval to grow human organs in animals.  After reading this article, I thought of the Chimera.  The Chimera was, accordingly to Greek mythology, composed of three parts – a lion, snake and goat.  Ligars, jaglions and zebdonks are all Chimeras.

Greek Chimera

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With so many people waiting for organ transplants, this possibility is a brilliant medical breakthrough.  The process is expected to take 12 months because unlike humans, organs in pigs can be grown quickly.  According to the study, pigs will be the source of organ growth.  Doctors have been using aortic valves (Porcine tissue) for years because a pig’s heart is similar to a human heart (who knew!).  How many have seen Snow White’s movie where the hunter removed the swine’s heart to fool the evil queen?   

Are we slowing becoming human Chimeras?

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