Man Uses Food Stamps To Eat Like A King

A California ‘beach bum’ has no job, surfs and drinks when he wakes up every afternoon and has no intentions of finding employment anytime in the near future – yet, he eats lobster or gourmet sushi everyday.

Jason Greenslate, 29, owes his successful culinary mooching to one thing: food stamps.

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Greenslate recently was profiled on Fox News for a special segment about the abuses of the nation’s food stamp program. And despite mooching off American taxpayers for a living, Greenslate is remarkably unapologetic, nor does he feel any shame for abusing a system designed to help people who truly are in need.

‘This is the way I want to live and I don’t really see anything changing,’ Greenslate said in the interview. ‘It’s free food; it’s awesome.’

During a later interview with the Huffington Post, Greenslate added that ‘I don’t feel like a bum. I pull hot chicks, drive nice cars, dress nice and wear the most baddest jewelry in the world.’

With the card – which only needs to be renewed once a year – Greenslate is given $200 a month for food. There is no requirement that he even look for employment.

Previously, there were stipulations that food stamp recipients with no family could only receive food stamps for three months every three years unless they had part time employment or were involved in a jobs program. The goal was to help people who couldn’t make ends meet, not supplement income so people could surf and drink beer.

Many of those types of restrictions were eliminated when President Barack Obama signed the 2009 stimulus bill, which allows people like Greenslate to abuse the system.

On Thursday, Congress passed a bill that would reduce food stamp spending by five percent. Prior to the vote, Congressional leaders were shown the video featuring Greenslate.

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There are many children and families who really need assistance and don’t get it yet, yet this bum found a way to cheat the system.  Hopefully, with the reduction of food stamps, people like Jason won’t be able to abuse the system.  Do you think Jason has a right to food stamps?

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