Miss America 2013 Winner – Nina Davuluri

I’ve waited a few days to comment on our new Miss America 2013, Nina Davuluri.  Nina is getting lots of press because of the controversy surrounding her image.  Past Miss America title holders came in all colors, sizes, features (altered and enhanced), backgrounds, etc.  There is a first for everything: Vanessa Williams was the first African American winner in 1984 and Angela Perez was the first Asian winner in 2001.  Nina is the first Indian winner and being the first in any pioneering position, there will be controversy. 

Nina won the title because she is beautiful, intelligent, fit, talented, poise, etc.  Regardless of these facts, bigots will comment negatively because she doesn’t fit the American mold.  But what is the American mold in 2013?  Has anyone walked the streets of New York recently and see the kaleidoscope of colors?  Unless you live in some back woods with no personal interaction other than your own image, close-minded and with racist and ignorant mentality, only then you will see Nina as un-American.  Nina is Indian and not all Indians are Muslims and or terrorists.

Nina came from a Hindu background and is a first generation American hailed from India.  It should be noted that many Indians are also Catholics, Christians, Buddhists, etc.  Nina’s father is an Ob/Gyn and her mother is a software engineer.  Nina came from a long line of doctors and she herself aspires to be a doctor.

All Americans should be proud to have such an intelligent and beautiful woman as their Miss America 2013 Winner.  She will be a force in the 2013 Miss Universe competition.  Congratulations Nina!

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