Models Pull Teeth To Stay Slim

Per story in the Daily Star: A former Chanel model has shed light on the dark side of the modeling industry, asserting that she knows some bulimic models who use cocaine to make their cheeks hollow and pull out their teeth to look thinner.


Russian model, Katia Elizarova asserted that she has seen girls aged 16, being drugged by men, or absolutely drunk.

The reality TV star, 27, recalled her time modeling in Japan, where she was weighed every day after lunch to keep her weight in check.

Elizarova revealed that some people try to bring models into clubs to attract the attention of older men.

She also explained that if you’re a model and your agency hasn’t paid you in months, you don’t have anything to eat, and if someone invites you to a free dinner in the club, then you go.

And once you reach the venue, there are 20 men “perving” at you, but you’re so hungry you don’t care, the model added.

Elizarova is currently on a mission to protect young girls from being exploited in the cruel industry.

Models go to extreme lengths to become household names and make it “big” in the business.  So many horror stories of models eating cotton balls to stay slim and suppress hunger.  It’s a cruel business and no place for young girls but as long as there is potential money to be made and fame to be had, many girls will sacrifice their body and soul to the devil that is the modeling industry.  Very sad.  Empower your girls that there is more to life than just being a pretty face.  There is such a thing as beauty and brains…

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