Hate Mosquitoes? Non-Toxic Mosquito Repellant

Though, it’s the end of summer for us here in the Northeast, it’s still hot in other areas and if you hate mosquitos as much as I do, you should know about the Kite Patch.

Kite Patch is an innovative, powerful approach to protecting humans from mosquitoes using a small, colorful sticker.   This new technology is a significant advancement in the global fight against mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever.  It is durable, easy-to-use and safe for children and adults around the world in a range of climates and conditions.

The Kite Patch is the world’s first product containing a breakthrough scientific discovery of non-toxic compounds scientifically proven to disrupt the mosquito’s carbon dioxide neurons. The Kite Patch’s compounds act as a non-topical, spatial repellent, blocking mosquitoes’ ability to detect carbon dioxide – their primary method of tracking human blood meals.

The Kite Patch is designed to last at least 48 hours and is available for sale all over the web.

Good to know for next summer or if traveling to tropical regions.

Hate Mosquitos?

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