President Putin’s Op-Ed Article, NY Times – Syrian Conflict

I don’t know how many of you have read President Vladimir Putin’s Op-Ed article in the NY Times.  It’s an interesting article and I highly recommend it.

It is true that the U.S. is seen around the world as a powerful world leader and a standard for democracy. Though it’s difficult to stand by and witness injustice, I don’t believe it’s in the U.S. best interest and benefit to use military force against the Syrian government at this time.  Winding down from wars with Iraq and Afghanistan (Al-Qaeda), Libya, etc, the U.S. needs to focus its energy and resources to fix problems domestically.  Instead of funding wars, we need to us those resources to fix our broken education system, improve race relations, reduce poverty and unemployment levels, etc.  Yes, war is big business for some companies namely Boeing, Raytheon, armory and gun manufactures.

We know now that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was a fraud and one that was illegally fought for whatever revengeful reasons by our previous president (no weapons of mass destruction…).  Libya – it was noble to remove a dictator but what’s the country state of affairs now?  We are withdrawing our troupes from Afghanistan – what progress have we made?  Their suppressive tribal laws still rule their land – still no real democracy.  How have the US citizens benefited from these wars?

The U.S. has no business intervening in Syria’s state of affairs unless the U.N. Security Council states otherwise.  As President Putin stated in the NY Times, the U.S. should respect and abide by the U.N. laws and not think its above it.  I do believe there was a time when the U.S. had ample opportunity to use military force in Syria, which was at the inception of the uprising; however, that window of opportunity has passed.  Fighting now against the Syrian government are terrorists and extremists and if the U.S. should join in the fight against the Syrian government, we will be fighting on the side of the very people we oppose.   Some may say to do nothing is to do something but to do something in this case will create a bigger problem.  This is a no win situation for the U.S.  Today, the U.S. and Russia agreed to diplomacy and the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons.  It should be noted that peace can only be achieved if Russia, China and U.S. stop funding the fighters with weaponry.  It’s a very sad, disturbing and violent situation and I hope and pray for a quick and peaceful resolution.

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