Racial Tension – Michael Brown’s Murder

Folks, we are dealing with a situation that is polarizing the nation – Michael Brown’s murder.  I used the term “murder” because excessive force was used to kill Mr. Michael Brown.  Equally disturbing are some media houses that air footage of Mr. Brown as a robbery suspect.  They are trying to distract from the crime and create less empathy for Mr. Brown. Michael Brown may or may not have committed the robbery, nonetheless, it does not justify him being shot while on his knees with his hands up.  Only hateful, cold-hearted racists will justify Office Darren Wilson’s actions.  For those individuals, you do not deserve as space on this earth.  There are perpetrators of far more proven heinous crimes that are freely walking the streets because they belong to a different racial and socioeconomic group.  For example, Ethan Couch, the “Affluenza” defense.

Right is right and wrong is wrong and unless both white and black see each other as equals, racial inequalities will prevail.

R.I.P. Michael Brown

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