Singers or Performers?

I understand that the times have changed – shifted maybe, but do we really live in such a dumb day and age where sex appeal trumps talent?  I just don’t get why most female artists regardless of age (Madonna, JLo, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Miley, etc.) flash their privates to entertain and sell records… Seriously, are the consumer really blinded by crotch or media?  Not to be biased, one of my biggest pet peeves are men who wear “sagging” pants – disgusting!

2 thoughts on “Singers or Performers?

  1. It is all about selling the product…humans. It’s like a giant strip club. Sagging pants, males walking the street topless, women half dress, fat popping out of the side etc. PEOPLE ARE GETTING PIMPED AND SOME ARE PIMPING THEMSELVES. This is their dress code on a regular. I think you should look sexy, and everyone sexiness is different.

    This is the same as some of those television commercials or billboards. SMH, have you ever saw the GAP’s billboard? There is one television commercial for food. It didn’t make me want to go out and purchase the item. I think a lot would agree with this topic of discussion, however, is sold to this eye-candy way of advertisement. I also, think people get off on the latest foolishness. It is entertaining…we are talking about it. Remember all publicity sells.

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