Understanding the war in Syria

Until now, I understand very little about the war in Syria.   Given that the world now awaits the U.S. response on the evidence of chemical weapons used in the killing of civilians, I thought it was time to get informed.  I’ve attached two links at the bottom of my post if you’re like me and want to understand the “true” nature of the war.  Both sides are pointing fingers at each other for the use of chemical weapons.  The truth is, innocent civilians are being massacred daily by the opposition and government fighters forcing Syrians to flee displacing them from their families while creating an abysmal refugee crisis.  These men, women and children suffer from unbearable physical and mental anguish.  The Syrian war is a disaster with no clear resolution.  The rebel fighters now include Jihadist; Russia and China promise of arming al-Assad fighters with advanced weaponry in response to our move – what position should the U.S. take or is it too late to take any action at all?



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