Why Make Marijuana Legal…

We’ve had success in 13 states that recognize the right for same sex couples to get married.  There is still a long road ahead to get all states to issue marriage licenses but it’s a step in the right direction.  Today, Attorney General Eric Holder decided against suiing Colorado and Washington for adopting laws permitting the use of recreational marijuana in adults.  I think that all states should adopt this law which will severely impact prison overpopulation caused by the incarceration of people whose only offence is a little bit of “pot” possession.  The U.S. is on a positve trend – do you think all states should legalize recreational marijuana use in adults?

One thought on “Why Make Marijuana Legal…

  1. Makeba

    I say legalized the real herb forget the recreational marijuana crap. I WANT TO GET HIGH, SO HIGH, LOL. Okay, I’ll stop playing. On a serious note, I think the real herb should be sold. The medical field is still profiting on the recreational marijuana unlike the blacks etc.


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