Woman Took Child To Meet Father’s Hitman

A Texas woman was busted plotting to kill the father of her 7-year-old son after she brought the child to meet an undercover cop posing as a hitman and put a down payment on the hit.

Nicolette Beard, 33, was cuffed after she met the undercover officer in a College Station parking lot on Wednesday and gave him $800 of the $4,000 she promised to pay to have her child’s father, Anthony Drymalla, 30, killed, police told the Houston Chronicle.


Beard brought her son to the meet up, but let a friend bring the boy into a store as she discussed the murder-for-hire plot with the supposed contract killer.

She told the officer that she wanted it to look like an accident and preferred if Drymalla’s wife were injured or killed in the rubout. But she needed him dead within a couple of days, police said.

“They’re in an ongoing custody battle,” College Station Assistant Chief Brandy Norris told WTLV-TV. “And, according to the person who reported it to us, she wanted something done before they went to court (on Friday).”

As a precaution, police put Drymalla under surveillance until after Beard was collared.  Beard was placed in jail, but no bond was immediately set.

NY Daily News

Such a poor excuse of a mother.  This is a blessing for the child because if the mother is capable of committing such a horrific act, she clearly isn’t fit to be a parent.  Unfortunately, it’s always the children who suffers for their parents mistakes.  I hope the child grows up in a loving and caring home.

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