Workplace Deception / Brown-Nosing

Many of us have had to deal with workplace deception at some point or another in our lifetime.  In most instances, it’s the people we work with the closest that often times deceives us. Why do people do this?  Many people engage in this negative and ratchet behavior for more reasons than one including insecurity about themselves and or the feeling of being threatened…

Personal Gain Deception. The most prevalent form of coworker deception involved employees who deceived for personal gain. Many employees explained that their coworkers used deception to discredit other employees and make themselves look better within the organization.  To read more about this click here.

Everyone wants to be on their boss’s best side and there are positive ways in doing so without brown-nosing.  Yes, you can keep your boss apprised of what’s going on in the company without making up false stories implicating others to paint a good picture of yourself.  Feed facts not lies.  Facts help a company grow; lies bring it down.  Don’t imply others in a situation that you were involved in yet removed yourself.


While some managers like to be pandered to most don’t and eventually, the liar/ brown-noser will lose because their manager will eventually see them as a worthless tattle tale with a very small mind.  Respect yourself and others around you. Earn your keep the right way – work hard and most importantly respect your company.

To the employees on the receiving end of the deception.  Only allow yourself to be fooled once.  As the old saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Life lesson.

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