World’s Most Boring Job?

If you think your job is so bad and boring, what do you say of this woman’s job of watching grass grow?  Helen’s job is to watch, analyze and document the growth of grass… the fun part is that she enjoys it.  Imagine if she hated her job?  So folks to each his own but it’s very important to like what you do for a living because you spend a lot of time doing it…


Could Helen Southall have the world’s most boring job?

The green-fingered Brit earns her crust by watching grass grow.

The seed analyst spends her days planting samples and making sure blades are rising to the right length.

But far from being a dull role, the 43-year-old claims it is “rewarding” and “fascinating” and lets her spend most of her time outdoors

“People do think it’s strange when I tell them my job is to watch grass grow, but I think it’s fascinating and I wouldn’t do anything else,” she told The Times.

“It’s so rewarding seeing a stretch of perfect green grass and knowing that it has grown right because of my work,” she added.

Southall, from Timberland in Lincolnshire, plies her trade at British Seed Houses.

Tasked with making sure grass grows in the most efficient way possible, she confessed parts of the job — such as individually counting out seeds — can be “tedious.”

But she added, “There are so many different species of grass seed to test and you always see new patterns with the grass, it’s always fascinating when you find a new seed type.”

Via NY Daily News

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